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Buttεrƒli x Bεαuti

Title: Pit Stops
Author: Chloe x
Summary: Ya'll meet and wea'll go crazy
Chapter/Part Number: Chapter One x K-Money Lane x
And anything extra (Disclaimer, Rating, Pairing, Warnings) I OWN it...PG-13 (Because it er... well it has Kelly in it, let's just say that) Warning: May cause insanity...

Rain pelted the windshield, running down the cold glass in small streams. Like spider webs sprawling across the glass it was wiped away seconds later by the windshield wipes only to be replaced by more rain water.


Inside the red convertible slender fingers pounded the steering wheel in beat with the music. She tossed her head back and forth, letting her black hair fly in all directions. Her silver lips moved with the lyrics of the song and her left foot tapped with the beat. The whole time her eyes kept steady on the road, squinting through the rain.


She looked quickly to the passengers attempting to see the map in the pale light of the dashboard. With a sigh she took a tense hand of the wheel, flipping on the overhead light. Her eyes flickered back to the map quickly reading the road names.


“Next left should take me to Elle Ave and from there to K-Money Lane." Riley spoke to the empty car.


She turned down the volume on the radio and let up the gas. Even so, the road didn’t come into view until it was too late. Riley spun the wheel, letting out a small scream as the car spun slightly before it squealed down Elle Ave.


“Damn California rain.” She growled, finally getting control of the car.


About five minutes later she started to see more and more houses and restaurants. Her stomach leapt into her throat as she saw the sign for K-Money Lane up ahead. Biting her lip she turned onto the street passing by a fancy looking McDonalds. Her eyes opened wide at the site of the large houses. The lawns were home to a few small trees and perfect green lawns.


Getting over the shock Riley started counting house numbers as she passed down the street. “1332…It will be on the right. 1300…1306…” Riley’s heart was beating fast as the numbers slowly rose, getting closer and closer to 1332.


“1330…1332.” Riley slowed down parking on the curb. She turned off the car but didn’t get out. She had never seen this girl in her life, but she felt like she knew her.


Finally, taking a deep breath she opened the door and stepped out. Slamming the door shut, she sprinted across the perfect green lawn leaving footsteps in the soft muddy ground. After what seemed like an eternity she reached the overhang above the door. Her black hair hung limp around her face and her make-up was probably running, but she didn’t care.


Hesitantly she knocked on the oak door. Only seconds later the door flew open and Riley was pulled into a tight hug. In front of her a giggling blonde stood. Riley’s mouth stretched into a grin.



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