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Hmmm...I shall post this here because I'm preparing to completely leave the boards...and yea it will be easier without fics attaching me to them...

Title: >|...Twisted§Hammock...|<
Author: Chloe x
Summary: This is a Castie, though at times it will seem like it isn't, those things are because of the hosts, so enjoy...Swing litte child in thy twisted hammock, let the string wind around you, twisting twisting, thy throat enclose, twisting as you swing...
Chapter/Part Number: Prologue x Autumn Isn't Red or Green x
And anything extra (Disclaimer, Rating, Pairing, Warnings) I OWN it...PG-13 (Tis Well...written by me so yea) Warning: Don't read if you don't like me...eh?


Harry felt the ground beneath him slipping away and his vision slowly failing. It felt like falling into an endless hole, expect he knew he had hit the ground. As he fell he watched his face, his red slit eyes closing. The sounds around him changed; they became only background to his own heart…slowing down and then ceasing.

Her face was streaked with dirty tears, running into the blood soaked earth. All she saw was his eyes, the emerald orbs lifeless. She felt a large hand grab her and push her to the ground, but all she could see was the eyes.

“Hermione we have to get out of here!” His voice was rough in her ear, she knew how close he was, but he felt a million miles away. “Hermione…”

His hand turned her to face him, rolling her over in the mud. Gently his hand caressed her cheek replacing dried mud with a fresh layer. She let out a sob as he placed a dirty finger on her lips.

“We can’t leave him.”

“He died to save us…we can’t throw our lives away now.” His voice was husky as he tried to hold back his own sobs. He had to be strong for her…

She could only shake her head as she turned back to look at him.

“NO! You are not giving up!” Before she could move she felt his arms under her and the ground dropping beneath her.

Her arms flew up, hopelessly clawing at his face and he ran through the halls of the Ministry.

“Ron! I can’t leave him!”

She felt his feet stop, and the ceiling above her finally stilled. A second later her feet were being slammed into the ground. Grabbing her shoulders Ron looked into her eyes. “I love you…”

Her lips touched his as she felt her heart drop from her chest. Grasping her hand Ron turned back around, back to the yells of Death Eaters.

“Well come on then, we’ve got some Death Eaters to make dead…”


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